Healthy Parents – Teachers Relationship

Meaningful school education leading to the formation of character becomes possible only with strengthening of triangular relationship of the student, the teacher and the parents. Both father and mother of the child are invited to the school for any discussion on the child. Thus the age old saying ekrk firk vkSj xq: become inevitable tools in shaping the character of the child.

An introductory parents meetings organized in June 2018, after the summer vacation to inform about books, time-table, annual calendar for the classes nursery to class II.

General parent teacher meetings (P.T.Ms) are conducted bimonthly, so as to acquaint the parents about the syllabus academic results, and information about the forthcoming activities and competitions.

Student wise, specific areas of improvement with suggested solutions are given to the parents, so that teachers and parents can jointly pay attention to improve the skill of the child.